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How to use?

Copy the coupon code and save it to notepad. Once you're ready to submit your listing simply select "YES I HAVE A COUPON," and when you click the submit button the following form will ask you for it to subtract the cost of your submission, it's that easy!

Previous Coupons & Promtional Discounts inactive

Expired Coupons: Previous Promotional Discounts that have expired and are no longer active/valid.


01). Promotional discounts MUST be entered at time of your order to qualify.

02). Any submission ordered without the promotional coupon code will NOT receive the special offer.

03). You can use the promotional coupon code per order.

04). Any promotions by Health & Wellness Directory LLC, cannot be combined with any other offers.

05). Promotions & Coupons are subject to change and cancellation at any time without notice.

06). Promotional discounts and services are non-refundable and carry no cash return value.

07). Promotional discounts and services may not be transferred to other account holders or additional packages.

08). Promotional discounts and services apply only to the package ordered with the promotional coupon code.

09). If the package is canceled the promotion is voided and cannot be applied to any other services nor refunded.

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